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Happy Diversity Month!

In 2004, we started celebrating National Diversity Awareness Month to appreciate and recognize our great country's differences. Diversity is the range of differences that make up an individual's identity beyond race and gender. Based on Edward T. Hall's Cultural Iceberg Model, only 10% of one's culture is visible (e.g., food, clothing, dance, music, literature, and language). To get to know a person, we must go below the surface to learn how one thinks or feels about certain issues (e.g., communication style, values, beliefs, and perceptions).

Gardenswartz and Rowe state that there are three dimensions of diversity:

  • Internal (primary, personal, and unchangeable): age, gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and physical abilities

  • External (secondary, social, and controllable): education, political affiliation, religion, marital status, and income

  • Organizational (structure, position, and culture in a work setting): union affiliation, management status, work location, division, and seniority

Helpful Tips

  • Host a Diversity Day at work

  • Try a recipe from another culture

  • Support minority-owned businesses

  • Try a new language via YouTube or App

  • Attend different cultural events in the arts

  • Host a virtual movie night or lunch and learn

  • Watch movies, documentaries, and talks on diverse topics

  • Develop a calendar to recognize historical events and heritage months

  • Invite your business partners to sponsor the multicultural events

  • Talk with someone from a different culture to learn about values and practices

  • Carve a space in your building to showcase local artists from various backgrounds

  • Take pictures in your cultural attire or a family heirloom and share them on social media

What to Watch

Reading Suggestions

  • The School in the United States: A Documentary History by James W. Fraser

  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion for Trainers: Fostering DEI in the Workplace by Maria Morukian


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