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Charesha Barrett is a dynamic leader and the visionary behind CHARP Education Consulting (CHARPED), a renowned firm specializing in diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) consulting and training. With over 20 years of experience delivering transformative programs, developing curricula, and providing training services, Barrett is widely recognized for her expertise in creating inclusive work environments.

Barrett's passion for social justice and equitable education was ignited by her experiences witnessing educational disparities that contribute to cycles of inequality. In 2014, she founded CHARPED, choosing the name as a tribute to her late maternal grandparents. She was inspired by her grandmother, who named her, and her grandfather, who often used the term "sharp." Barrett is dedicated to leveling the playing field for historically marginalized individuals, fostering equal opportunities for social mobility. She achieves this through collaborative partnerships with community organizations, designing customized two-generational programming that addresses the needs of children and adults.

Throughout her career, Barrett has honed her expertise in academic leadership, staff development, and program planning, holding various roles such as instructional coach, learning coordinator, and Social Studies teacher. Recognizing America's shifting demographics and divisive political climate, Barrett expanded her scope to include DEI work. As an advisor, trainer, and facilitator, she consults with businesses, nonprofits, government agencies, and educational institutions, helping them meet their performance and DEI goals by fostering inclusive work environments for employees and clients.

Barrett is a highly sought-after speaker, presenting nationally on teacher leadership, implicit bias, racial equity, and cultural competency. In 2014, she participated in the Institute for Educational Leadership's Education Policy Fellowship Program, establishing valuable cross-sectoral relationships with professionals nationwide and gaining expertise in educational policy and leadership development. Barrett has been involved in national initiatives like the U.S. Teach to Lead and recently spoke on cultural competency at its Family Engagement Summit. Her commitment to action,  "Excelling Hispanics to Prosperity,"  was accepted by the White House Initiative on the Educational Excellence of Hispanics. Additionally, she published her first chapter, "Using Mentorship to Transition Black Males to Prosperity," in the book "Closing the Education Achievement Gap for African-American Males." As a trained social justice facilitator by the YWCA, she promotes empathetic leadership through intentional and productive dialogue in communities and businesses.

Barrett tackles pressing issues by guiding individuals in negotiating their social identities, fostering a sense of common ground that values diverse perspectives. Over the years, CHARPED has partnered with organizations like When We All Vote, Cleveland History Center, and the Cleveland Foundation to host community events encouraging civic engagement and increasing voter registration. Barrett's mission is to unite the country by eliminating barriers and building bridges between communities.

Barrett holds a B.S. in Education with a minor in History from The University of Akron, an M.Ed. in Supervision, and an M.Ed. in Adult Learning and Development, both from Cleveland State University. Additionally, she possesses an Administrative Specialist License in Curriculum, Instruction & Professional Development. She has earned an Advancing Diversity and Inclusion Certificate from Cornell University ILR and serves as an adjunct professor at Lake Erie College.


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